Wicked Ultimate




  • Determination: Working hard to improve as ultimate players and teammates

  • Elevation: Supporting and elevating ourselves, our teammates and our opponents

  • Ferocity: Giving 100% at all times - both on and off the field

  • You: Expressing ourselves as individuals while remaining part of a tight-knit team



Wicked's mission is to provide an opportunity for women to play competitive ultimate in the Kansas City area. Wicked works to expand women's ultimate through planning and hosting Kansas City events, supporting local ultimate organizations and volunteering for USA Ultimate, Kansas City Youth Ultimate and Kansas City Ultimate.



Wicked's goal is to be a top-ranked, highly competitive team that has fun, maintains a strong Spirit of the Game, and makes smart, safe, highlight-worthy plays.

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Our Sponsor

Wicked is sponsored by Sully's Pub!

Sully's Pub is a restaurant and bar in Mission, Kansas. Sully's has been a long time supporter of Kansas City Ultimate and we love their fun and friendly atmosphere. Sully’s has daily specials (even Saturday and Sunday) and has amazing pizza and smoked wings! We can’t wait to see what’s next! Head over to their page and give them a “follow”!


Our History

Founded in 2014 by Kelly Gillean, Clare Frantz, and Stephanie Rupp, Wicked was intended to grow the interest for women's ultimate in the Kansas City area. Before Wicked, there was not a big opportunity for new girls to join in the club game. Leagues were fun but not as competitive as we wanted, and mixed teams only could take so many women onto their rosters.

Spring of 2014 we sent out emails, wrote Facebook posts and handed out flyers at tournaments and leagues trying to get the word out about the new team. We asked around for coaches and for help, thankful to find supportive and wise words from Prairie Fire players and Andrew Wimer, who ended up being our amazing Coach.

We fielded a full team of ladies that year, though most practices and tournaments we only had 10-15 players. The (usually) small roster was a challenge that we enjoyed and it only brought us closer together. For some of us, this was our first time playing club, first time playing with observers and first time playing against high caliber teams such as our regional competitors, Pop and Heist. We took third at regionals which was exciting for our first year.

Since 2014 we have been an ever-changing team with a solid core of veterans and a good set of team goals and values. 2015 we doubled in size, 2016 has seen even more progress. We are excited to see what happens next!