KC Indoor Championships Results!

Fast, competitive day

The tournament, set up and run by Laura Gehrt and Steph Rupp alongside the IUC, hosted six teams of small, fifteen (or less) person rosters. Teams traveled to Independence from KC, Columbia, Omaha and Wichita to compete on the 11th. 

The indoor ultimate format is a little different than outdoor ultimate. In indoor, speed and fast thinking are key. With flying subs and only a six second stall count, you need to be in shape and always watching the game. 

The clock never stops, and neither does the action. 
Highlights from the Kansas City Indoor Tournament (primarily from field #2). Teams from Wichita, Columbia, MO, Nebraska, and Kansas City. Music: Coleman Hell- 2 Heads

Dom's Doubters with vivacious victory

Dom's Doubters from Nebraska had a strong day on Saturday, even with one loss from pool play, they went into bracket play unintimidated. Defeating the two seed in the semifinals, they went on to the championship game with a fire in their belly. After three games of intense play, they did not seem tired in the slightest. Playing KC's PikaPizza in the final, they came back from a multiple point deficit to win the game by five. They broke seed from fifth to first. Congrats Omaha! We hope to host this event again next year!

Full Results

  1. Dom's Doubters - Omaha
  2. PikaPizza - KC
  3. Cadillac Wombats - Columbi / Dank Memes - KC
  4. Impact and Friends - Wichita
  5. Flux - KC

If you want your team photo included, please send your image to Steph Rupp!