Wicked's Top 10 Plays of 2016

Top 10 plays of the Women's Ultimate team Kansas City Wicked from the 2016 season. Check out our blog post that serves as a counterpart to the video! Video: Coffee Black Blog: Steph Rupp Music: Skrux - you & I (Top 10 limited by the plays caught on camera)

#10 - Coming in at #10 we have the tying point against Atlanta Outbreak at Huckfest. Outbreak is an intense, hard working team, but when we were down one, we did not give up! Sadie Callison takes a hold on the point with leaping catches, hard cuts, and savvy throws. JJ Ragothaman, Grace Roth and Malaina Piyassaphan finished off the point with patience and smarts.

#9 - Our first time ever playing Tabby Rosa of Florida, JJ reads and predicts the next play perfectly - and comes home with a callahan to solidify our lead at Huckfest.

#8 - Our toughest and most intense game at Select Flight, Jenna Galletta throws a zippy inside break to Malaina for a downwind score. #getlow

#7 - Against #1 seed, 6ixers, at Select Flight Invite, JJ finds positioning and attacks a floaty disc in the sky.

#6 - Quick movement of the disc leads to a dish from Nadine Rowen to Steph Rupp, hucking it deep to the endzone. Great read and huge sky from Amanda "Skittles" Johnson bring down the floaty disc for a score.

#5 - After a couple of turnovers from both teams, Nadine was done with that nonsense. She comes flying under for a layout D to get the disc back in our possession.

#4 - One of many throughout the season, Grace Roth beats her matchup to the disc with quick feet, aggressive positioning and following through with a layout D. 

#3 - Another highlight from our game against Maeve at Select Flight, Clare Frantz lays out to catch the disc at a difficult angle. Scoring upwind, this point led us to universe against Maeve.

#2 - Flying high in the sky, McKenzie Geltz slices through with the layout D against Outbreak at Huckfest. This game was neck and neck at all points - making every play and every D more and more crucial.

#1 - In Wicked's Select Flight game against #2 seed Rival, Jordan "JLo" Alonzo hucks to a diving Grace Roth. Grace catches the disc as it is quickly trailing away from her with a bounding leap.

Honorable mentions:

  • JJ skies for a D against Heist - we had a handful of opportunities to play Heist this season and we are always excited for the challenge.
  • Kenz gets a layout D against Steel in the semifinals of Huckfest
  • Caitlin Fitzgerald poaches off her matchup for a D against Pop  in the semifinals at Regionals. With a classic high release to Coffee Black, Coffee hucks to JJ for a score!
  • Nadine gets horizontal for a score against Backhanded at CHC