REI #ForceOfNature Women's Events

Athletic activities for KC ladies!

Saturday, May 6 starting at 9AM is the Force of Nature: $5 Women's Only Climbing and Instruction.

This is a women's only event. For just $5 you will get to climb and learn to climb. Come to apex climbing gym and climb. You do not need gear to climb, just signup and show up! We're committed to creating more opportunities for women to spend more time outdoors. That's why this year, we're offering more classes, events and trips designed for women than ever before. Join us, and let's make outside the largest level playing field on earth. Learn more at

That same night at APEX climbing gym is the Women In The Outdoors/Sports roundtable.
A speakers panel looking for ways to meet other women who love the outdoors and be inspired to get outdoors and have fun. Beer and Food will be provided. the panel will include women of various outdoor activities to motivate and inspire you to get outside. This is a women's only event. This is taking place at Apex climbing gym.

a.       Carol Fittell - Climber and ROKC Representative
b.      Megan Merryman - Mountain/ Gravel Rider  Works for Johnson County Parks
c.       Beth Morford - Cyclist/Fitness
d.      Kelly Dippold - 2013 Sportswoman of the Year

We would love to see a bunch of women from the KC/regional Ultimate community at both events!