Wicked Breaks Seed at Elite Select Challenge

Highlight video by Coffee Black // Click here to watch it on Youtube

Wicked had an intense and incredible weekend at Elite Select Challenge, August 19-20, in Appleton, Wisconsin. The weather was near perfect and so were our throws ;) 

Wicked was seeded 13th and placed in Pool A along with Underground (1), Wildfire (8) and Grit (12). We were excited about our pool and the potential shake ups there could be. Wildfire came out hot (haaahaha..) in our first round which definitely helped us amp up our speed, though we didn't gain it soon enough, allowing Wildfire to give us our first loss of the season,  5-9. Never fear, we played them tight, earning D's and working it in. #23 JJ Ragothaman brought down plenty of discs on D - always calm and confident.

After cheering on Prairie Fire during our bye, we truly challenged Underground in our next game. Coming in with no expectations helped our attitude and we played outside of ourselves. With consistent and solid hands all season, #22 Kate Eshelman fueled our fire with a huck from the stack which lead to one of our first scores of the game. Game ended 13-6, Underground.

Next we had Grit in our final pool play game. We had to win to keep ourselves out of the pool play and put ourselves in the bracket. A back and forth game, Grit took half. We tie 7-7. Hard cap is on - game to 9. We put in two more to win 9-7. Handler Sadie Callison, with literally dozens of crucial hucks and huge pulls, lead the way to our first victory at ESC. Beating Grit put us in the prequarters of the championship bracket. 

Thankfully~* we got to start bracket play right away and play another game Saturday ;) We matched with Texas Showdown (4) for a late 4pm round. We actually did not lose our energy, (as JLo and Kelsey prove here) despite my sarcastic comments. We played very well, only losing to Showdown 8-13.

Sunday morning we geared up for the 9th place bracket, first taking on Rival (5) and next Nightlock (2). Honestly, all I am gonna say here is #1 Ashleigh Buch and #28 Megan Burns had gotten TOO many D's by this point in the weekend. I can't even link you to just one part in the highlight video. But I can link you to this smackdownthis heart-breaker and ya know, both of these back to back. Ash and Mego had multiple run throughs and skies not only Saturday, but against our highly seeded Sunday match-ups. We finished out Sunday with the awesome support of Prairie Fire cheering for us and we took 12th place. Every single one of our ladies played so incredibly, I have never been more thrilled for this program.

We truly enjoyed playing all teams we saw over the weekend - so much amazing spirit and talent! We are excited about everything we learned and we can't wait to take on Pop, Heist and the other teams we will meet up with at Regionals!