North Central Regionals 2017

This year North Central Regionals was more exciting than I have ever experienced - EIGHT women's teams and TWO bids to Nationals! WOW. To say we were hyped is an understatement.

A flippin' TOASTY weekend in beautiful Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we came in seeded 3 of the 8. Our Saturday ramped up with intensity each game. 

First game was against Lockdown. The beginning of the game was close, though after we took it to 4-3 with bookends from veteran Carey Jaquinot, and brought it to 5-3 with a Rupp to Gehrt score, we steadily ran away with the game. Wicked took the game 13-4.

Second game was against Crackle. As mentioned previously, #6 Carey Jaquinot is a defensive beast. Skyin' em up in our zone defense, she did not stop all weekend. Though she didn't have a fractured wrist like last year's Regionals, she still impressed us with her tight person D and lightning speed. We continued to use our zones successfully all game and caused numerous D's against Crackle. 12-4 Wicked.

Our third game of the day was against Pop. New to Wicked in 2017, #55 Courtney Walbe is the definition of utility player. Cutting and handling, Courtney never loses energy or motivation.  Court, running deep and scoring for a break, helped us keep the game tight all the way until the last few points. After an amazingly hard fought game, Pop took the game 13-10.

Last game was against Heist, surprisingly, the first time we saw them all year! We came out stunning them with our flashy moves, but their zone was crafty and our legs didn't hold up for the duration of the game (WELL, I'll speak for myself.. ha). 3-15 Heist.

Starting off the day against Mystikue, we were excited to continue to play against teams we hadn't seen this tournament, or this season! Wicked rookie, #9 Caitlyn Lisk, excelled against Mystikue, cutting hard and bidding for numerous discs and D's. When downfield, Lisk constantly opens up space on the field blasting deep and scoring easily. It's hard to keep up with those goalty-playing legs... ;)

Producing our fast and functional offense, #45 Janie Reiter confidently stood as our offense's Aaron Rodgers. Jane's swings and always tight person defense didn't allow much leeway for Mystikue to get the disc back. We were playing like a well oiled machine. Wicked takes the game 15-4!

Next was a showdown against Canada's Fusion for the chance to play in the game-to-go. Coming out like HOT FIRE, we started off 3-0. Fusion quickly replied, 5's. 11's. 12's. Soft cap, game to 14. In a heart breaking turn of events, Fusion takes the last two points to win, 14-12. 

We love the hard work. We love the fight. We love the competition. We love each other. Thanks to everyone who supported us this season! We had a blast and can't wait until 2018! #whatistheoffseason?