Who's Behind the Highlights


#87 Coffee Black has been an amazing part of Wicked since she joined us in 2016. She's kind, thoughtful and always willing to help a teammate in need. On the field she is solid - a source of quiet confidence and ambition. We not only rely on her to be a consistent handler but we know how much of a threat she is on defense. Her arsenal of throws and plays (skys and layout D's galore) is extremely impressive. The second she steps off the field she also picks up another hobby. Filming.

Coffee brings her camera to all of Wicked's tournaments and sometimes other special events. The games are filmed by Coffee and volunteers on the team that take turns throughout the day while they're not active on a line. 

Hours, even minutes, after a tournament or game ends you can find Coffee digging through hundreds of minutes of film. "I typically turn around videos pretty fast after a tournament. It's easier to go through the video when the plays are fresh in mind, I think my record was when I filmed a couple league games in Omaha, got home to Lincoln around 10PM and posted the video on Facebook around 2:30/3AM."

I typically turn around videos pretty fast after a tournament. It’s easier to go through the video when the plays are fresh in mind.

The Beginnings
"I actually recorded my first ultimate video in the fall of 2013 on my phone (yikes) and it's so terrible ahaha! That video is 20 minutes long with maybe 2 minutes of "highlights" followed by a 15 minute long point, a few minutes of one of our rookies singing "Be prepared" from the Lion King Musical mixed in with some random clips of Turquoise Jeep. On the marathon point my college team, the Cuddle Raptors, were down 9-10 to Arkansas when hard cap went off and our sideline was so hyped I wanted to record all the emotion. We eventually went on to win on universe and I had several requests from teammates that wanted to see the video. The next year I went to best buy and bought myself a video camera.

I bought this camera for a few reasons: First, I knew that I wanted to nominate my friend Emily Lander for Callahan our senior year and she would need a video; second, I used to have a hard time remembering what happened on the ultimate field so this was a great way for me to process and learn after tournaments; and third, I've always enjoyed 'capturing the moment'."

I’ve always enjoyed ‘capturing the moment’.

What's the most challenging part?
"Honestly one of the more difficult parts of making videos for me is picking the song. It's gotta be upbeat, sure, but more importantly fit the team's personality."

What's Next?
"I've since fumbled through making highlight videoslowlight videos, a couple Callahan videos and centex dance submissions - slowly learning and getting better at making them. I started off using Window's Movie Maker but that came with a lot of glitches and I have Adobe Premiere but that was too complicated, so I found a happy medium with Wondershare Filmora. I am certainly no expert at creating videos and I haven't taken any classes but someday after grad school I hope that I'll have time to really sit down and learn more about the subject."

My favorite video changes frequently but currently I love the Wicked 2017 CHC highlight video. Great song, great plays, overall it was just a lot of fun to make :)

Coffee - Wicked loves your videos and thinks you are an expert - thanks for all you do!