Wicked Garage Sale

As one of our first fundraisers of the year, Wicked hosted a garage sale on July 29th and 30th. Our team came together with furniture, home decor, books, movies and way too much clothing to sell to earn some extra cash. Special thanks to our friend Kay for hosting and helping us all weekend! 

We fundraise in order to help our players travel to tournaments. There are not many women's tournaments, especially competitive ones, near Kansas City. On average we travel eight to ten hours to each tournament. Even after we arrive, we spend over a thousand dollars on tournament hotels and bid fee! We love our sport and no matter how much we each pay out of pocket, we will find a way!

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed, worked the sale, purchased an item, gave advice or came to say hi! We appreciate all the love. We think the sale was a huge success!