Chicago Heavyweights 2016


By Guest Blogger Coffee Black

This past weekend Wicked took on Chicago Heavyweights (7/23/16-7/24/16).

Friday night several cars met up at the infamous Illinois pizza place, Giordano's. As we waited for our pizza to be made everyone tuned in to the College All Star game. Huddled around phones Wicked cheered on our Captain #12 Clare Frantz and #15 Caitlin Fitzgerald as they took on Seattle Riot!

Saturday morning, Wicked was very excited for the chance to face off with North Central champs Madison Heist for our first round at 10:30. We started out rough going down 0-6 but a timeout and some hard work from Captain McKenzie Geltz put us on the scoreboard before half. Second half we come out stronger and wiser and get a break right away putting us at 3-8. Soon after, Jordan Alonzo put up a beautiful huck and Sydney Nelson laid out for the score to the chant “Syd the Kid!” Final score 4-14 in a very intense and spirited game!

Next up Wicked comes out the gate hot and goes up 2-0 over Baltimore/D.C. Backhanded but we lost some steam and traded points until it was 6-7. At this point the first lightening delay of the weekend strikes. While we hung out until the all clear, Mr. Roth showed off his throwing ability with a gorgeous 30 yard chicken wing, we checked out some of the swag available, and played some Pokemon Go. More lightening results in an hour or so delay until we resumed play. We go down a few points 9-12 but we shook it off and brought it back up to 11-12 just as lightening struck again. Wicked didn't get a chance to tie it up as games were canceled for the rest of the day and the score stood at 11-12 to Backhanded.

Following the games Saturday we hit up the pool, some more Giordano's, and another All Star game!

It was a rough start to Sunday when we lost 5-13 in our last pool play game against NotoriousCLE. But with heads held high we moved to the luscious green fields inside the complex to take on the next team.

The wind starts to pick up as we face off with PPF – an Elite Canadian team. We start with a couple fast and efficient points to go up 2-0. But then PPF brought their intensity up a couple notches and we struggled to maintain our lead, they took half 5-7.  Wicked gets an upwind right out of half but we struggled to maintain our focus and PPF takes the game 7-13.

For the last game of the tournament and our last chance to get a “W” Wicked took on Sureshot out of Cincinatti, Ohio. By this time on Sunday it was fairly upwind/downwind and we started on defense going upwind. Both teams traded downwind points, but then Janani Ragothaman fiercely reeled in a upwind score to get a break! Wicked took half 7-5 and started the second half receiving going downwind. Sureshot nearly snaged an upwind break but Malaina Piyassaphan shut it down in the endzone with a huge D! Wicked earned a win 10-8 over Sureshot.

Wicked learned and grew together as we battled through Heavyweights and we can't wait to take on Select-Flight in a couple weeks!