Rad Women of Omaha - Featuring Ashleigh Buch

Our very own Ashleigh Buch is a featured "Rad Woman of Omaha"!

Ashleigh Buch serves as an instructor with the 38th Combat Training Squadron at Offutt Air Force Base. For years, Staff Sgt. Ashleigh Buch hid the fact that she was transgender—a situation that, until 2017, was not allowed under U.S. military rules. A Department of Defense policy was finalized in June 2016 that allowed transgender service members to serve openly. It seemed her years of appearing male at work while living as a woman at home were over. Buch transitioned from male to female in the Air Force’s system, the first person at Offutt Air Force base to transition under the new policy. She also has served as a mentor to other service members wanting to transition and be true to who they are. The military has not decided if they are keeping the transgender policy, and that makes Buch nervous. As a true RAD woman, however, she will remain true to herself.