#8 Steph Rupp - Team Manager

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Position: Team Manager, Throwing Leader, Handler
Seasons on Wicked: 5 Seasons
Years Playing Ultimate: 9 Years

Favorite Female Athlete: "I grew up loving Jennie Finch - she always inspired me to work my hardest while I was playing softball. I wanted to be as good as she was and to play professionally. Being a professional athlete was always my dream as a kid."

Steph's Special Talent: "I love food, so a few years ago I started an Instagram dedicated to cheese! It is SO much fun to go out to eat and take photos. I used to be embarrassed lugging my camera around to restaurants but I get so much joy out of it that I don't really care anymore! I am also starting a blog based on my Instagram. Check it out @kccheeses."

About Being a Part of Wicked: "Wicked is my home. It's where I have found my love for ultimate and found my friends. I am so happy Wicked has grown and become more and more successful each year. I have learned so much and have developed even more as a person. I am so thankful to be a part of the team."

One Goal Steph has for the Season: "My biggest goal for this season is to stay healthy and stay strong. BUT, that's boring, SO, my other goal is to continue to improve my layouts and have a higher layout catch or D this season."


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