#1 Ashleigh Buch


Position: Cutter
Seasons on Wicked: 3 Seasons
Years Playing Ultimate: 12 Years

Favorite Female Athlete: "My favorite athlete is Shalane Flanagan. She completely embodies what it means to be an athlete. Not only does she put her body through absolutely grueling workouts, but she also attacks her races with so much intelligence and guts. It takes courage to make a strong move in a distance race, and she is fearless when she makes her moves. I am not sure I have ever cried as much for a sporting event as I did when Shalane won the 2017 New York City Marathon becoming the first US woman to win it since 1977. "

Ashleigh's Special Talent: "I am kind of in love with terrible puns and dad jokes, the groanier the better. I love cooking eggs, and I like to take inspiration from other countries for my different recipes, so you might even say they are egglectic. When I am not playing Ultimate, I spend most of my time at coffee shops drinking tea and reading books. "

About Being a Part of Wicked: "Being a member of Wicked makes me feel like I finally have a place where I fit and am simply accepted as me. No matter how difficult my life has been over the past year, I have been able to look to the Wicked women for support and encouragement. As cheesy as it sounds, being a member of Wicked makes me feel special. "

One Goal Ashleigh has for the Season: "My goal is to continue my post-surgery recovery and to be playing at near full strength by mid-July."


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