#10 McKenzie Geltz

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Position: Handler
Seasons on Wicked: 4 Seasons
Years Playing Ultimate: 5 Years

Favorite Female Athlete: "I didn't have a favorite athlete growing up because I didn't really watch sports. I just played them ;)

Today, my favorite female athlete is Alexi Pappas because she taught me two things. First, to not spend my life on one single sport but to have something else in your life to keep a healthy balance. Second, to always talk about everything. To make sure that at least someone knows everything about me. I read an article where Alexi talked about her mom who committed suicide when she was very young. When she got older, she talked to her mom's friends to try to understand why it happened and they said she didn't talk or show her emotions. So Alexi talks about everything from her fears and how hard things can be to a weird leaf she saw on a run. I read that article when I was struggling with depression and it changed me. It encouraged me to always talk about the struggles going on inside me and helped give me the strength and motivation to do so. I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. You are loved so much and so many people care about you. I pray you believe that."

Kenz's Special Talent: "I LOVE BEING ACTIVE. Distance running, biking, hiking, being outside, going to the lake, spending time with my friends and family (especially my nephew)."

About Being a Part of Wicked: "Wicked is my family. After being on the team for 3 years and captaining 2 of those years, I have put so much time, energy, sweat, blood, tears, given so much of my life in an attempt to help this team and program grow and to be a better player. Several of us have. But it was never about the success of the program, though we have been successful through the ups and downs. It has always been about loving, serving, helping, encouraging, and supporting an amazing group of women - my friends. And they have done the same for me. I absolutely love my teammates. No amount of wins or loses can ever change that. If anything, it brings us closer. So much Wicked love."

One Goal Kenz has for the Season: "Stay healthy - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am naturally competitive and do way more than I should so really focusing on rest and my relationship with God."


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