#18 Haley Johnson


Position: Cutter
Seasons on Wicked: 5 Seasons
Years Playing Ultimate: 6 Years

Favorite Female Athlete: "Beezie Madden! When I am not chasing plastic I am usually riding ponies. Beezie is an Olympian in show jumping and one of the best riders in the sport with some partnerships with some incredibly cool ponies. She is fearless, jumps HUGE jumps and has spent years and years working hard to be the best she can be. I (still) wanna be like her when I grow up!"

Haley's Special Talent: "I ride and train ponies and can also draw/paint ponies and have a minor in taking photos of ponies. I'm also pretty good at Mario Kart."

About Being a Part of Wicked: "[Makes me feel]... Badass! Wicked is everything a team should be!"

One Goal Haley has for the Season: "Get 100% healthy following my knee surgery so I can play my heckin' heart out."


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