#33 Chelsea Dalbey


Position: Cutter
Seasons on Wicked: 5 Seasons
Years Playing Ultimate: 5.5 Years

Favorite Female Athlete: "I grew up loving the distance runner Deena Kastor. I always admired her perseverance and ability to keep coming back and working harder!"

Chelsea's Special Talent: "I drink coffee, sometimes I drink it black, sometimes I add coconut oil. Iā€™m really good at finding new brews and drinking way more than the optimal daily allowance. "

About Being a Part of Wicked: "Being a member of wicked makes me feel a part of a family. Wicked is a group of women who love frisbee and each other. We are a community of friends who are there for each other through difficult times. Coming back from an ACL reconstruction was tough work and it was the motivation of being with my wicked teammates that pushed me every step of the way. "

One Goal Chelsea has for the Season: "Utilize more break throws during games šŸ’š"


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